Top 10 Benefits of Lava Stones and Lava Bracelets

Lava bracelets are a fabulous expression of who you are and your individual style.  So it’s not surprising that you might be wondering what are the top 10 benefits of lava stones and lava bracelets!

These power-packed bracelets are not only beautiful to wear but contain ancient stones from Mother Earth that bring a wealth of benefits to the wearer. 

A perfect gift for someone you love or a little self-care. 

But what are the top 10 benefits of lava stones and lava bracelets? 

In this article, we will explore 10 great benefits of lava stones and lava bracelets that will definitely make you want to wear one! 

Lava stones and lava bracelets not only make great portable, cost-effective essential oil diffusers and attractive bracelets,  they also support healing by balancing chakras, relieving muscle tension, help to manage anxiety, increase fertility, and bring positive energy to the wearer by increasing focus. 

So now we’ve got the short answer, do we can understand a little more about the benefits of lava stone bracelets, let’s take a little hop back in history to find out how they began. 

You might be surprised to learn that lava bead bracelets have been worn as far back as the Middle Ages and possibly even before.

One of the main reasons why lava bracelets were worn back through history was predominantly for their endless benefits, rather than simply a  fashion accessory. 

Lava stones were often worn as jewelry because of their earthy connection with energies, so they were not only worn as body adornment, they were also  worn as a spiritual accessory

So we can better understand the benefits of wearing lava stones and lava bracelets, let’s explore a little bit more deeply. 

We’ll start with one of the most popular benefits of this energizing bead jewelry, which is the fact they are perfect for diffusing essential oils. 

Lava bracelets diffuse essential oils 

Lava stones come from hardened molten lava which is found erupting from volcanoes across the world. 

This porous and pitted surface is the perfect diffuser for your favorite essential oils. 

A naturally created lava stone surface works by trapping the molecules of the essential oils and by 

adding a drop or two of your favorite oil onto the lava beads bracelets you can enjoy hours of essential benefits, such as emotional balance, mood improvements, and many other positive benefits from the individual properties in the oils.

adding essential oil to lava bracelet
adding some of my favorite Bergamot essential oil to my lava bracelet



Diffusing essential oils on your lava bead bracelet has tons of benefits including portability! Your electronic and ceramic diffusers, although lovely, are limited to their place in your home, office, or any other relaxing space but a lava bead bracelet means you are able to enjoy your oils and feel the sensory mood lift from your beads at all times! 

Wearing essential oil lava bead bracelets provides continuous, small doses of your favorite essential oils at all times of the day or night. Right from driving in your car, on a long walk in the countryside, in bed, or even in the shower! , no matter where you are! 

Cost-effective diffuser 

So if you’re wondering about the top ten benefits of lava stones and lava bracelets, you will be pleased to know they make the ultimate cheap diffuser!

As we know many diffusers can be pretty expensive with some of them ranging from $30 to anywhere upwards of $150. So by experimenting with a lava stone bracelet you can enjoy all the benefits of essential oils with very little initial cost. 

Depending on whether the bracelets are all lava stone or whether they contain beads, gemstones, and other adornments, the price will vary. 

For instance, it’s possible to get a lava stone bracelet with elastic connecting the stones and some plastic beads for under $10. 

I do usually recommend going for the best ones you can find, for example, one that has plaited leather or some kind of fiber for strength and durability. It’s best to have something other than elastic to connect the beads as the pressure from daily wear can make an elastic bracelet snap quite quickly. 

“For instance, it’s possible to get a lava stone bracelet with elastic connecting the stones and some plastic beads for under $10”. 

Suitable for managing anxiety

If you’re looking for a pill-free way to manage anxiety, then lava bracelets are a fabulous way of trying some complementary therapy. 

Lava stones exhibit natural tendencies to calm emotions and help in maintaining an emotional balance, reducing anxiety.”

Created by the fire and energy of a volcano, Lava stones are rich in minerals that come from the earth. 

This is why qualities from the minerals contained in lava stones are believed to be useful in helping with natural anxiety relief. 

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“Lava stones exhibit natural tendencies to calm emotions and help in maintaining an emotional balance, reducing anxiety.”

Relieves muscle tension

Muscle tension is a common part of an active lifestyle. Especially working for long hours, heavy workouts or other forms of physical exertions throughout the day can cause muscle tension. 

Muscle tensions can also result in body pain.

Lava stones and bracelets can help to relieve muscle tension and give some comfort from related muscle pain or muscle soreness.

If you experience muscle tension during the day and find it hard to be productive, lava bracelets as a diffuser with a few drops of essential oils such as ginger, juniper, lavender, or eucalyptus and ylang-ylang. can help to calm soreness.  Head over to find out how to mix lavender and ylang-ylang and find out how their floral aromas blend beautifully in diffuser blends!

If you prefer the more balsamic and immune-boosting properties of eucalyptus, find out more about how this powerful decongestant oil can help support you in cold and flu season.

lava bracelet
my favorite lava bracelet. just love the green beads!

Brings focus

This is one of my favorite in my list of top ten benefits of lava stones and bracelets. It’s just the way they can really help to support your focus.s

If you often feel that your thoughts are scattered and you are lacking clarity, wearing a lava bracelet can help you to regain some clear awareness.

They help in enhancing assertiveness, focus, and control excessive thinking.

Another of the top 10 benefits of lava stones and lava bracelets is that they can be a great companion in times of change.

They also strengthen your connection to earth during change and encourage you to be present in the moment and able to more clearly focus. 

So if you’re looking to boost your focus throughout the day, then lava stones or bracelets are ideal.

Another of the top 10 benefits of lava stones and lava bracelets is that they can be a great companion in times of change.

Supports faster healing by balancing the Chakras

Lava stones and lava bracelets are believed to have a strong connection with energies in our bodies. In fact, this is the main reason why medieval people wore lava stones for healing, rather than just as a body adornment or a pretty bracelet.

Chakra is synonymous with healing and relates to specific points of energy in your body. 

These energy points are expected to be “open” and aligned, as they correspond to bundles of nerves, major organs, and areas of our energetic body that affect our emotional and physical well-being. 

The lava stones and lava stone bracelets relate to both the elements of fire and earth, and it’s believed these cosmic black pearls connect with one of the most important chakras in our body- the root/anchor chakra.

This would thereby sync with the energies in our body and improve the overall energy in our body supporting a faster healing process to overcome illnesses.

In the same way, they are also believed to encourage the rejuvenation of body cells, leading to faster healing and helping you overcome illnesses.

Along with their healing properties, lava stones are also claimed to have auto-immune properties which help in allowing the body to become stronger at fighting diseases.

So if you feel you’re a little lethargic or unwell to start your day, wearing a lava bracelet could boost your spirit for a positive kick start! 

“it’s believed these cosmic black pearls connect with one of the most important chakras in our body- the root/anchor chakra.”

chakras relating to lava stoes

Enhances Positive Energies

One of the main benefits that are known to bring the wearer of a lava stone bracelet is how it enhances and develops positivity in terms of mood, emotion, life, and love! 

Lava stones and lava bracelets can help in absorbing and enhancing positive energies in the body. 

Adding to their positivity, these ancient energy-filled black stones are always connected to grounding and give the wearer protection from negative energies.

Along with their grounding properties, lava stones or lava bracelets are also known to control anger and bring courage when you are feeling down or when negative energies are affecting your day. 

Increases fertility

With many people across the globe struggling with fertility issues or looking for ways to increase fertility, many are looking for ways to enhance their chances of becoming pregnant. 

In some cultures, lava stones or lava bracelets are believed to increase fertility and restore hormonal balance.

The significance of this benefit is seen to be high during stages such as premenstrual syndrome (PMS), menopause, and andropause.

It’s also believed that these lava stones and bracelets exude a warming vibration that can keep chills at bay, by keeping your immune system stronger and therefore a better environment for becoming pregnant. 

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Lava bead bracelets are a hot accessory! 

Lava bracelets or the black beaded bracelets with a sleek look to them are becoming a fashion must-have right now. 

With the addition of other pretty gems, beads, and other jewelry additions, a lava bracelet looks beautiful on a softly tanned holiday skin,or even to wear with your leisurewear, yoga or even on your daily morning beach run! 

Available in a huge array of colors and styles, just always make sure you are buying real lava beads and not fake ones.

Find out exactly how you can tell by checking out my article: How to tell if lava beads are real

And just before you go…

So if you’re thinking of wearing lava bracelets or if you’re already wearing one, I hope this article has given you all the knowledge you need about the benefits of these primeval power-packed bracelets! 

If you liked this article and want to go a little more in-depth as to the meaning of lava beads and how they relate to emotions, life, strength, and spirit check out my other article 22 lava stone meanings

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