Rosemary Oil Blends Well With… 28 Oils and Blend Recipes 

Rosemary oil has a gorgeous herbal, clearing, and slightly balsamic aroma and blends perfectly with so many other oils.  Join me to discover how rosemary oil blends well with so many other oils!

By blending Rosemary with other oils in your DIY aromatherapy kit, you can harness the power of rosemary’s cleansing, toning, and mind-clearing benefits! 

In my helpful article, I’m going to go through some of my very favorite oils that blend so well with Rosemary oil. 

Rosemary’s refreshing aroma blends perfectly with citrus, spicy and floral oils to balance its herbal notes. Try lavender, lemongrass, orange, lemon, peppermint, petitgrain, pine, clary sage, basil, grapefruit, oregano, cypress, frankincense, geranium, rose, cypress, jasmine, bergamot, chamomile, and more! 

rosemary oil blends

Take a look at the quick list so you can more easily understand which oils rosemary blends well with 

Although there are still many others that blend well with rosemary, this list covers the oils which have some of the best results. 

  • Peppermint – Reduces cold, cough symptoms, antiviral 
  • Lavender – Stress-busting 
  • Lemongrass – pesky insect removal 
  • Orange – Antibacterial and antifungal 
  • Lemon – Diffuser blend for focus 
  • Eucalyptus – Eases congestion and other flu symptoms
  • Petitgrain – Shiny hair 
  • Pine – Cleansing bath blend 
  • Clary sage – Migraine and headache relief 
  • Basil – Energizes, and uplifts 
  • Grapefruit – Mood balancing 
  • Oregano – Bacteria busting 
  • Geranium – cleansing room spray 
  • Cypress- Helps with cough and cold symptoms 
  • Chamomile – Sleep Apnea 
  • Rose – Cleansing hair mask
  • Jasmine – Summer walk diffuser blend 
  • Bergamot – Central nervous system support 
  • Marjoram – Aids digestion 
  • Helichrysum – Reduces mind chatter 
  • Mandarin – Calms anxious thoughts 
  • Clove oil – Tooth pain 
  • Black Spruce – Immune Boosting diffuser blend 
  • Cinnamon – Anti bac spray 
  • Marjoram – Dries up a runny nose 
  • Neroli – Antioxidant benefits 
  • Niaouli – A restful night’s sleep 
  • Lemongrass – Insect repellent 
  • Vetiver – Sedative and helps sleep quality 

Use Rosemary on its own or with other oils 

Rosemary essential oil has so many therapeutic benefits including a clearing, soft herbal mixed with a floral aroma. A little like lavender but more balsamic. 

You can use peppermint essential oil individually – or with any of the oils listed above in a blend. 

Rosemary mixes beautifully with oils that have a spicy, floral, or citrus note to provide balance and therapeutic benefits in a diffuser and other blends. 

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Rosemary essential oil blends well with…

Ok so now we’ve got a handy list so you can start enjoying blending rosemary oil right away, let’s take a closer look at the highlights from that list. 

Let’s start with one of the master oils that blends perfectly with Rosemary, which is peppermint oil. 

Peppermint and Rosemary blend well 

Peppermint’s bright and decongestant aroma is a perfect partner for Rosemary. In diffuser blends they can help to deodorize the air, and have powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties. 

Both oils blend together beautifully with rosemary’s ‘walk in the woods’ aroma coupled with the peppermint’s uplifting and antioxidant properties 

Together rosemary and peppermint blend well to: 

  • Reduce symptoms of cold and flu 
  • Help with stressful thoughts 
  • Calm and promote focus 
  • Support respiratory health 
  • Perfect for good hair health 
  • Are antiviral and antibacterial 

Peppermint and rosemary tissue blend 

One of the cheapest and one of my go-to blends with rosemary and peppermint is simply a tissue blend! 

Add 3 drops each of peppermint and rosemary to a tissue and inhale deeply to clear congestion and soothe cold symptoms. 

I love blending peppermint in a diffuser, massage blends, room pillow sprays, and lots of other ways! 

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Blend rosemary and lavender 

These two super oils are packed full of therapeutic benefits and smell just like a Cottage herb garden! They share similar properties and together they can lift mood, support anxiety, and also repel insects on your plants!  

Together both oils blend well for a wealth of benefits. The floral spicier note of lavender blends beautifully with the more herbal freshness of rosemary in a diffuser. 

rosemary and lavender blend well
These two oils are simply one of my favorite blends for diffuser,s hair care and more!

Together rosemary and lavender blend well to: 

  • Relax and restore 
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Help with memory and focus 
  • Support a sluggish immune system 
  • Improve circulation 
  • Help to repel bugs in your home and garden 

Rosemary and lavender relaxing diffuser blend 

  • 8 drops Lavender oil 
  • 8 drops Rosemary oil
  • b‍100mL of boiled and cooked water 

Add all oils and water to a diffuser, set for one hour, and enjoy while you are reading or getting ready for bed. 

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Blend Rosemary and lemongrass

The beautiful soft herbal aroma of Rosemary mixes so well the gentle citrus hit of lemongrass and together they blend so well in a variety of essential oil recipes. 

Together rosemary oil and lemongrass blend well 

  • Help prevent the growth of bacteria 
  • Reduce pain and swelling 
  • Improve cholesterol levels 
  • Contain antioxidants 
  • Reduce cough and cold symptoms 
  • Effective insect repellent 

Rosemary and lemongrass insect repellent 

This recipe is enough for a 100mL spray bottle. 

  • 50ml distilled water 
  • 25ml witch hazel 
  • 30 drops lemongrass oil. 
  • 25 drops rosemary oil 

Add all ingredients to a spray bottle and mix well. Store in a cool dark place. 

This is perfect for spraying on rugs and blankets at picnics or BBQs and makes a brilliant bug repellant for your plants. 

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Rosemary and orange mix well 

The slightly herbaceous notes of rosemary oil blend well with the citrus burst of sweet orange. 

The bittersweet herby notes of rosemary are given an uplifting boost from orange oil in diffusers and room sprays. 

I love to blend these oils in home DIY cleaning blends for their cleansing properties and gorgeous aroma! 

With the powerful antimicrobial power of orange coupled with the antibacterial properties of rosemary, these two are perfect to cleanse your home. 

Together rosemary oil and orange blend well to: 

  • Antimicrobial and antibacterial 
  • Reduce fungal infections 
  • Cleanse, disinfects and deodorizes
  • Freshens 
  • Uplifting diffuser blend 

Rosemary and orange anti-bac blend 

  • 30 drops of rosemary oil
  • 30 drops orange oil 
  • Witch hazel to fill 100 mL Amber bottle 

Add all ingredients to an Amber bottle with a pipette lid. I like to add this amount of oil using a pipette too as it can be difficult trying to shake that many drops into a small container! 

This blend will give you approx 10 spray bottles which should last around 50 cleaning sessions! 

Mix well and to use, add 10 drops to a 4oz spray bottle, topped up with boiled and cooled water. Use on kitchen surfaces, bathrooms, sinks, and door handles. 

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Lemon and rosemary oil blend well for focus 

Similar to rosemary and orange, blending lemon with rosemary adds a stimulating zesty top note to diffuser blends. 

Gorgeous fresh, zingy lemon and its herbaceous cousin rosemary are two of the best types of oil to help you concentrate and even learn quicker! 

Together rosemary oil and lemon blend well to: 

  • Support focus and concentration 
  • Aids study 
  • Relax and restore 
  • Antifungal 
  • Antimicrobial and anti-bacterial 

One of my favorite go-to blends is 8 drops each of rosemary and lemon with 100mL of boiled and cooled water added to a diffuser. 

Set the timer for an hour in your study, home office, or reading corner. 

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Rosemary and petitgrain blend well 

Petitgrain is a lesser-known oil but shares many properties with Rosemary. Both oils are full of antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antioxidant power. 

The warm citrus aroma of petitgrain blends beautifully with the herbaceous and slightly floral rosemary.

Both oils are perfect for hair health and can give a beautiful shine to lackluster hair. 

rosemary and petitgrain blend well
I love mixing rosemary and petitgrain in diffuser blends!

Together rosemary oil and petitgrain blend well:

  • Support shiny hair 
  • Antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antioxidant 
  • Boost immune systems 
  • Relax and restore 
  • Helps to calm skin and fungal infections 

Rosemary and petitgrain hair tonic 

  • 8 drops of rosemary oil
  • 5 drops of petitgrain 
  • 1 teaspoon of white wine or good quality cider vinegar 
  • 4 oz spray bottle filled with distilled water 

Add all ingredients to a 4oz spray bottle and top up with distilled water. Mix well and spray liberally on your hair after conditioning and still wet. Style as usual. 

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Blend Rosemary oil and pine 

Pine oil is used so often in all kinds of shop-bought cleaning and disinfectant. So it’s not surprising that when blended with the antibacterial and antiviral properties of rosemary oil, there is some super disinfecting power! 

In a diffuser, the scent of a ‘pine forest walk’ is easily recreated using these two balsamic and clearing oils in a blend together. 

One of my favorite way of blending these two oils is in a bath blend, especially if I’ve been for a long walk or been in the garden! 

Rosemary oil and pine blend well: 

  • Ease muscle ache 
  • Disinfect 
  • Relax and restore 
  • Uplift for focus 
  • Ease inflammatory skin conditions 

Rosemary and pine muscle ease bath blend 

  • 5 drops black spruce, Cedarwood or pine oil 
  • 5 drops of rosemary oil 
  • 1 teaspoon of sunflower, apricot, or jojoba oil 

Blend all ingredients in a saucer or small glass jar and add to a warm running bath 

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Clary sage and rosemary oil blend well together 

Clary sage and rosemary oil blend so beautifully together. The slightly floral aroma or clary sage along with its wealth of antioxidants, mood-lifting, relaxing, and hair health benefits, it’s a perfect partner for Rosemary oil. 

Together clary sage and rosemary oil blend well: 

  • Migraine and headache relief 
  • Help with menstrual cramps 
  • Reduces anxiety and stress 
  • Promotes hair health 
  • Supports immune system 
  • Calming 
  • Reduces Menopause symptoms 

Clary sage and rosemary headache diffuser blend 

Blend 5 drops each of clary sage and rosemary in 100mL of water and set your diffuser for half an hour if you feel a migraine or headache coming on 

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Basil and rosemary oil blend well 

The gorgeous Mediterranean scent of basil blended with rosemary can put you in mind of a walk through the italian mountains! 

Both oils have a herbaceous and uplifting quality when blended together in diffuser recipes. Together they can calm, stimulate and uplift. 

Basil is well known for its antibacterial and antioxidant qualities and ability to destroy pathogens and other microbes. 

Rosemary oil and basil blend well together to: 

  • Support digestive discomfort 
  • Calm and relax 
  • Restore 
  • Eliminate odor in diffuser recipes 
  • Help with cold and flu symptoms  
  • Antibacterial and antimicrobial 

This immune-boosting duo blends perfectly if you are feeling a little under the weather. 

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Blend Grapefruit and Rosemary oil together 

Another gorgeous sunny citrus aroma that works beautifully when blended with Rosemary! I just love blending these two uplifting oils in my diffuser on a summer morning! 

The citrus spritz of grapefruit with its mood-balancing benefits along with its antibacterial and antimicrobial power is a match made in heaven with stress-busting rosemary oil. 

Rosemary oil and grapefruit blend well together to: 

  • Lift mood 
  • Antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiviral 
  • Help with respiratory illnesses 
  • Improve focus and alertness 
  • Calms nervous tension and mind chatter 
  • Support grief and loss 

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rosmary oil and grapefruit blend well

Oregano and rosemary oil blend together well 

Both of these microbe-busting herbal essential oils blend fabulously together in household cleaning blends, air freshening diffuser blends, and more! 

Both oils have a balsamic clearing aroma and with rosemary’s slightly floral scent, they work really well if you are coming down with a cold or to help suppress a cough. 

They also share powerful antioxidant properties which can help protect your body from free radicals which cause cancer 

I like to use these two oils in my kitchen on cleaning day to bring a beautiful herbal scent to cleanse and refresh any stale air or lingering odors. 

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Geranium oil mixes well with rosemary oil 

Geranium’s floral rose-like scent is a perfect partner in a diffuser with rosemary oil. A relaxing walk in a country garden! Geranium oil has so many therapeutic properties and blends well with rosemary. 

Geranium’s powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant therapeutics mix beautifully with rosemary in pillow sprays and massage blends. 

Together rosemary oil and geranium blend well:

  • Reduce feelings of anxiety and stress 
  • Help with pain 
  • Clear up skin infections 
  • Antibacterial, antioxidant, and antimicrobial 
  • Create calming diffuser blends 

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Blend Rosemary oil and cypress together 

Cypress has been used for centuries in herbal health care and is packed full of phenolic constituents. These compounds are why cypress is antimicrobial, antioxidant, and antiviral.  

When blended with rosemary in a diffuser it can help to soothe symptoms of colds, coughs and viral infections.  Cypress also has relaxing qualities 

Cypress and rosemary oil blend well together to: 

  • Provide Antispasmodic benefits 
  • Help relieve menstrual cramps 
  • Soothes symptoms of colds and viruses 
  • Help With coughs and other respiratory conditions 
  • Clear up congestion 
  • Tighten the skin 
  • Support the immune system 

Rosemary and cypress skin toner 

  • 8 drops of rosemary oil 
  • 3 drops cypress oil 
  • 2 drops of eucalyptus oil 
  • 4 oz amber spray bottle 
  • Water boiled and cooled from a kettle or witch hazel to fill the bottle 

Add all ingredients to a spray bottle and mix well. I like to substitute rose water for extra skin toning freshness and a gorgeous scent! 

I love to use this blend in a diffuser too while I’m treating myself to a beauty routine or while I’m getting ready for bed. Simply add the oil drops to 100ml of water and add to a diffuser. I usually set the timer on my diffuser for an hour. 

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Rosemary oil blends well with chamomile 

Chamomile needs no introduction as a restful, calming oil with soothing qualities. It blends so well with rosemary for all kinds of purposes and is especially good for diffuser blends and skincare

Its gorgeous scent blended with rosemary is like a picnic on a summer lawn! The two oils are a match made in heaven and mix beautifully. 

Rosemary oil and chamomile blend well together to: 

Help relax and rejuvenate 

Clear up respiratory illnesses 

Calm skin flare-ups 

Create restful and calming diffuser blends 

Help with symptoms of sleep apnea. 

Rosemary and chamomile sleep apnea diffuser blend 

  • 8 drops of chamomile oil 
  • 6 drops rosemary oil 
  • 2 drops eucalyptus 
  • 2 drops of lavender oil 
  • 100 ml of boiled and cooled water 

Add all ingredients to an electronic diffuser and set the timer for an hour while you get ready for bed. 

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