Meaning Of Lava Stones: A Complete Guide

Lava stones have long been known for their natural healing qualities. so its not surprising that many of us want to discover the meaning of lava stones!

A lava stone is a mineral that forms when magma becomes solid and becomes rock.

It’s found globally and is thought to be one of the oldest stones on earth, it’s roots deep in primal energy. 

But what does a Lava stone mean? And perhaps more importantly, what does a lava stone mean to the wearer? 

Today we are going to find out the definitive answer so you can more fully understand the power of this ancient black crystal! Including 22 positive meanings for the natural wonder that is lava stone. 

What does lava stone mean? 

  • Positive energy 
  • Invincibility
  • Enlightenment 
  • Black color symbolizes aggressive, unique, and dark traits that relate to positivity
  • Grounding and calming qualities that can teach us about depth, intensity, and change.
  • Less anger
  • Strength
  • Courage 
  • Calm 
  • Logic 
  • Dream work 
  • Creativity 
  • Better communication 
  • Fertility 
  • The number 1 
  • Taurus
  • Cancer 
  • Base chakras 

So now we’ve got the short answer as to the many meanings of lava stones, so we can better understand what they mean to the wearer, let’s start by discovering a little more lava stone background. 

Background to the meaning of Lava stone

If we look at the overarching meaning of this energy filled little stone, it relates mainly to “Positivity” or “Positive Energy”. 

Of course, there are plenty of variations to this meaning, as we’ve seen above, but the core of any meaning relating to lava stone symbolizes positivity. 

Besides the pretty lava stone bracelets that are trending in recent times, Lava stone has a deeper spiritual meaning enhanced by its connection with nature and its wealth of energy. 

Below are two of the main reasons which give lava stones their important meanings. 

lava stone spiritual meanings
lava stone ancient spiritual meaning


The oldest stones in the world 

The first way that gives lava stones their meaning, is the fact they are the oldest stone in the world and have been used for centuries amongst different cultures. 

It’s an intense mineral that forms when gasses in Magma begins to solidify and harden into rocks – that we then call lava stones. 

As such, lava stones come from an earthy and natural phenomenon that plays a key role in the stone’s meaning and its many related properties that we know lava stones for

Lava stones mean invincible 

Lava stones are pure carbon, which crystallizes at great depth under extreme heat and pressure. 

This crystallization process creates an extremely hard gemstone. 

It’s this extraordinary hardness that coincides with the Greek term for lava stones or  ‘Adamas’ which means invincible.

The background meaning here is that lava stones were considered as a stone too powerful to be defeated or overcome. 

“It’s this extraordinary hardness that coincides with the Greek term for lava stones or  ‘Adamas’ which means invincible.”

Lava beads increase enlightenment 

In the middle ages, lava stones were seen as the king of gems  and they were associated with divine splendor, which reflected the highest level of enlightenment.

As lava beads have an overarching meaning of positivity, we can see how that brings together enlightenment, positivity and the meaning of lava beads. 

  • Many think that positivity or being optimistic is a key attribute to reach enlightenment.
  • Others believe enlightenment enhances positivity or positive energy in life. 

Many also believe that reaching enlightenment is a great way to get away from stress, anxiety, and related negativity, again symbolizing positivity and a focus towards positive stress-free thinking. 

Black lava stone symbolizes dark traits 


It’s pretty well known across many cultures that the color black symbolizes negativity, evil, and all things bad, or at least most of us grew up thinking that way. 

However, in reality, black has a very deep meaning which is both a mix of negative and positive. 

So although we often relate all things black to aggressiveness, this powerful energy if harnessed correctly can help you attain a particular goal or purpose.

To make the color more positive oriented, for the Ancient Egyptians black was known as a sacred color. 

It represented positive attributes such as unity and the highest authority and realization.


However given the dark nature of the color black, it is also used to represent a sense of uniqueness or a mystery.

In Italy, black is seen as a color associated with death and mystery, taken as a dangerous attribute that should be avoided at all costs. 

But this same mystery and the unique attribute is what represents those who do not want to always be a rule follower or simply one of the pack. 


The darkness of lava stones means that although we often link darkness to doom and despondency, Its worth remembering when we hit dark stages in our life, it prompts us to soul search into where our infinite potentials lie. 

The dark energy from lava stones symbolizes the  positive energy to reach your potentials in life. 

Lava stones mean less anger 

Lava stones worn next to the skin such as in a pretty lava stone bracelet can help to dispel aggression and lead to the wearer feeling less angry. 

lava stone dark energy
lava stone dark, positive energy

Lava stones bring strength and courage 

One of the most important meanings of lava stones is their ability to make the wearer feel grounded and more connected to nature, lava stones can mean that in any situation where you might feel the need to bounce back from a troubling situation, they can bring strength and courage.

One of the most important meanings of lava stones is their ability to make the wearer feel grounded and more connected to nature.

Lava stones mean calm and logic 

Once again, the grounding properties of lava stone can bring about a situation where the wearer can approach difficult situations in a less haphazard way, bringing logic and feelings of calm.

What does it mean to dream of lava stones? 

To dream of lava represents all your suppressed emotions. It also means that the upcoming period will affect your life in a positive way. … If you’re burned by lava in your dream, it means you’re going to encounter some unpleasant feelings and deal with some unpleasant people in order to achieve something you want.

Lava stones creativity 

Another interesting Lava stone meaning is how it can increase creativity and can also help you better express yourself artistically such as through your favorite craft. 

Wearing lava stones means igniting the powerful vibrational force which gives you a greater connection with self-expression. 

Wearing lava stone bracelets is perfect to help your creative juices!  Some of my favorite oils to wear on my lava bracelet for creativity are lavender, frankincense, orange, and clary sage. When I’m getting ready to write a brand new blog, I often add a few drops to my lava beads!

Head over to discover some beautiful orange essential oil blends!

Lava stones mean communication

The deep earthy power of lava stones means that anyone wearing them can expect better outcomes in all communications. Do you need to tackle a difficult subject with a loved one? Make sure you are wearing your lava stone bracelet! 

lava stone bracelet meaning
lava stone bracelets mean good communication!

Lava stones mean fertility 

As lava stones are ancient and have a connection with mother earth, the raw energy of lava stones is said to assist those looking to add to their family. 

The deeply ingrained power of this primeval stone is considered to be the stone of rebirth.  This is literally one of my very favorite lava stone meanings!

Lava stones mean the number 1 

Once again as the deeply ingrained legacy of this early stone is linked with beginnings and the start of man’s journey on this earth, lava stones are connected with the meaning of the number 1. 

Fresh beginnings, a clean slate, and the start of a journey are all meanings of lava stones. 

Lava stones mean zodiac signs Taurus and cancer 

Anyone who wants to discover the meaning of lava stones might be interested to know that lava stones have a lasting connection with the earth. So it’s not surprising that they have a spiritual connection and meaning when linked to Taurus. 

As Taurus will never get pulled down by gossip or petty drama, the match between lava stones logic is a strong match. 

Cancer is a water sign and as such can sometimes struggle with inner anxieties, strength and courage which is one of the most important aspects of lava stones link intrinsically with the sign of cancer. 

Lava stones mean the root chakra

The meaning of Lava stone goes hand in hand with the concept of “Chakras”. You possibly have heard of Chakras in yoga-related discussions or conversations.

In fact, the word “Chakra” is becoming popular because of the popularity Yoga has gained in the past few years. However, to those still unaware “Chakras” in simple terms refer to “Wheel” which symbolizes the energy points in your body. 

They are believed to be spinning disks of energy in your body which is required to stay open and aligned.

They correspond to bundles of nerves, major organs, and areas of our energetic body, which altogether affect our emotional and physical wellbeing.

In brief, seven chakras run in our body and lava stones are believed to work well in stabilizing and anchoring the root chakra. 

It’s when this root chakra is in sync with all other chakras in your body, your body will begin to absorb positivity and feel grounded, safe, and secure.

This is again due to the stone’s strong connection with the Earth. 

And finally…

So I hope that’s given you the comprehensive overview of natural lava stones and how they can help the wearer clear away negative thoughts, and evoke a feeling of calm assurance! 

If you are enjoying all things lava stone, find out if you can wear lava beads in the shower, or more importantly, how to tell if lava beads are real! 

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