Frankincense Oil for the Immune System

Spicy Frankincense not only has a regal ancient aroma, it also has many beneficial properties. In this article, we’ll go through the benefits of frankincense oil for the immune system. 

We will start with a quick summary to get you the information you need. Then we will head into the wealth of ways Frankincense oil can boost a flagging immune system! 

Along with helping to heal chronic illnesses, such as cancer and Crohn’s disease, frankincense builds tissue, promotes cell growth, helps with ulcers, skin conditions, stomach problems, arthritis, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses. It also supports calm and relaxation for a healthy immune system. 

Ok, so let’s dive straight in and find out 14 ways to use warm, spicy frankincense for the immune system. We will list them first in a quick ‘see at a glance’ list, then head into a little more detail.  

  1. Aids chronic illness 
  2. Promotes calmness 
  3. Helps contain cancer cells 
  4. Supports cancer treatment 
  5. Builds blood cells 
  6. Repairs and regenerates skin tissue 
  7. Safely removes ear wax and treats symptoms of acne 
  8. Helps to relieve symptoms of asthma, other seasonal allergies along with throat and lung infractions 
  9. Soothes redness and bites on skin 
  10. Helps to treat stomach and mouth ulcers 
  11. Has a sedative effect and is useful in helping to dispel anxiety, depression and promotes calm 
  12. Contains active compounds such as limonene and boswellic acids 
  13. Helps with wound healing and skin damage 
  14. Promotes cell regeneration and improves skin texture 


frankincense for skin

Ok so let’s dive into a little more detail now and find out some of the science behind the use of Frankincense oil for the immune system. 

1. Aids chronic illnesses

Frankincense’s ability to heal chronic illness is one of its chief ways of boosting a flagging immune system. 

Chronic illness is a term used by holistic practitioners to describe any long-term or persistent illness. The easiest explanation is that it’s an illness that does not appear to go into remission.

Much research has been done on Frankincense oil for the immune system. Here’s a list of some of those chronic illnesses it helps: 

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2. Promotes calmness

Frankincense oil has been used for hundreds of years because it can create a calm environment, which reduces stress. 

Frankincense has been particularly used in eastern medicine for thousands of years. 

So it’s hardly surprising to understand that many have enjoyed the benefits of Frankincense oil for the immune system! 

Amongst other benefits, its warm, calming scent can help to remove mental stress and promote calmness.

According to scientific studies, frankincense oil was found to help combat lack of sleep and provides oxidants to combat cortisol increases which can cause stress and anxiety.

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3. Contains tumor cells

Another benefit is frankincense oil’s ability to contain tumor cells. 

This means it has the capacity to shrink cancer tumors and prevent further damage to the body.

Many studies have confirmed the role of frankincense in reducing inflammation. 

Frankincense has specific cytotoxicity to tumor cells. Cytotoxicity essentially means it destroys or poisons harmful cells. 

frankincense oil in a diffuser
Adding frankincense to my favorite ceramic diffuser!

4. Frankincense in cancer treatment 

This means it could significantly increase the development of cancer treatment. 

Frankincense has also been shown by clinical studies to suppress melanoma cancers. 

Other cancers frankincense is said to suppress according to scientists are: 

  • Breast cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Colon cancer

5. Build blood cells

Number 4 in my list of frankincense oil for the immune system is how it helps to build new red and white blood cells. 

These cells are crucial to keeping us healthy and free from disease. 

Red and white blood cells support the immune system, making it more capable of fighting off illness and disease.

6. Tissue help

Frankincense oil also helps with the body’s ability to repair and regenerate tissue. This is important in supporting healthy immunity. 

Frankincense also has other wealth of skin ne fits such as: 

  • Improve skin tone
  • Help minimise signs of aging 
  • Reduce scar tissue 

It does this by encouraging skin cells to regenerate by hydrating the skin. 

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frankincense oil and ceramic diffuser

7. Treating ear wax and Acne

Frankincense oil can also be applied topically to help support a struggling immune system. 

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Frankincense with its calming properties is perfect to keep in your essential oil kit to help calm down redness and other symptoms of acne, and is useful in the removal of ear wax. 

8. Throat and lung infections

The first documented use of frankincense oil was in ancient Egypt, where people used it to treat throat and lung infections. 

Along with asthma, Frankincense may help with the symptoms of seasonal allergies. 

Recent research has shown that blending with eucalyptus is an excellent treatment for infections of the upper respiratory tract. 

The results showed that both oils combined lead to a significant and immediate improvement in symptoms such as relief from coughs. 

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9. Skin complaints

Frankincense can help to soothe symptoms of many skin complaints. Alongside its antifungal and antiseptic properties it can help with: 

  • Bites 
  • Cuts 
  • Boils 
  • Burns

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frankincense and cedarwokod oil in a diffuser

10.Treatment of ulcers

Frankincense oil is effective at treating ulcers in the mouth or stomach due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

This spicy fragrant oil can help to relieve issues that can result in ulcers such as digestive heat and inflammation along with general stress and tiredness. 

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11.  Sedative effects on the nervous system 

Another reason to choose frankincense for the immune system is its sedative qualities.

This comes from its anxiolytic and anti-neurotic compounds. These are often found in drugs that aid with depression and anxiety. 

Experts agree that a strong immune system is not just limited to how the body functions, but is also directly linked to robust mental health. 

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12. Active ingredients

Frankincense as we’ve discovered is full of immune-boosting properties.

Some of its compounds that make it such a powerful boost to wellness is that It is made up of numerous chemical compounds. 

Different species yield different chemotypes which means that one Frankincense oil will not be the same as another

The active compounds in Frankincense and benefits are numerous. Their immune-boosting properties include: 

  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • α-pinene
  • limonene
  • α-thujene 
  • triterpenes alpha- and beta
  • amyrin acetate
  • lupeol acetate

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13. Anti-inflammatory properties

The Boswellia acids contained within frankincense oil possess anti-inflammatory properties. These powerful immune-boosting properties can help to reduce inflammation of cells throughout the body. 

Frankincense also contains antioxidant properties, which help protect your cells against free radical damage.

In some scientific studies, frankincense has been shown to actively promote wound healing. 

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14. Improves the appearance of skin

Frankincense oil keeps your skin cells healthy by promoting cell regeneration. This is an important function relating to your overall immune health. 

Frankincense can help to keep your cells and tissues healthy.

Frankincense oil is a powerful astringent. So by applying it to your face with a carrier oil, you can help you avoid wrinkles and restore and tighten skin. This has powerful effects in potentially preventing or reversing the signs of aging. 

Ok so now we’ve found out lots of uses of frankincense oil for the immune system, so let’s discover some blends and recipes to make the most of this exotic and fragrant essential oil! 

Ways to use frankincense oil for the immune system 

1.Add Jojoba oil to frankincense to improve your skin’s appearance

Add one drop of frankincense to one teaspoon of jojoba oil and massage gently over the face after washing to help improve your skin’s appearance.

2. Frankincense and almond oil can help stomach pain and cramps

To relieve stomach discomfort and cramping, combine two drops of frankincense oil with two teaspoons of almond oil, or use a different carrier oil of your choice. Massage gently around the lower abdomen area.

3. Frankincense and hot water as a decongestant

To help relieve sinus congestion, add 2-3 drops of frankincense into a small bowl, then add hot, (NOT boiling), water and ensure the contents are mixed sufficiently.

While covering your eyes, place your face over the bowl, cover your head with a towel, and take long slow deep breaths.

A couple of drops of cedarwood can also help to keep the airways clear. 

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4.Add frankincense to jojoba to ease minor cuts and bites

To reduce mild and uncomfortable pain caused by small cuts or bites from bugs. Combine one drop of frankincense oil with one teaspoon of jojoba oil to apply to a little cut or insect bite.

5.Relieve stress with frankincense and jojoba

To decrease stress, combine one drop of frankincense oil with one teaspoon of jojoba oil and apply it to the area around your temple.

6.Soothing bath soak with frankincense

Bath soak: Add a few drops of frankincense into a bathtub to help invoke an aromatic calm and relaxing bath soak. 

You can also mix the oil with some full-fat milk before adding it to the water. This ensures that it does not separate and mix with the bathwater, rather than remain an oil on the surface.

More essential oil help…

So there it is! Everything you needed to know about Frankincense oil for the immune system and some ways to harness the power of this aromatic and spicy oil. 

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