Essential Oils To Boost The Immune System.

Essential oils to boost the immune system, have been used for centuries. Balms, lotions along with topically applying and inhaling their beautiful aromas. 

Now, essential oil research and clinical evidence is confirming that essential oils can be effective at improving the immune system. So in my helpful article today, we will uncover ways essential oils to boost the immune system. 

We will discover how and why these power-packed oils can help with vitality, keeping you fit and healthy. So let’s get straight underway into the quick takeaway before we head into more detail. 

Essential oils to boost the immune system entercells and destroy microbes, offerantimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal, antioxidant and decongestant properties. They increase lymphocytes in white blood cells, boost glutathione production, support the thymus gland and help protect DNA. 

Ok so now we’ve got the short answer, let’s find out why many people are discovering the benefits of essential oils to give an energy-packed power boost to their immune system. 

1. Essential oils remove harmful pathogens

When we are looking at essential oils to boost the immune system, it’s worth understanding they are able to support the germinal center. This is where antibodies are produced in order to fight off infections. 

According to the Rockefeller University, the generation of protective antibodies is crucial for removing harmful microbes and pathogens. 

Other recent research,  has suggested the following antimicrobial compounds present in essential oils mean that they are effective across a range of pathogens: 

  • Aldehydes 
  • Phenolics 
  • Terpenes 
  • Other antimicrobial compounds 

2. Binds to receptors that send signals into cells

Essential oil components can bind to receptors that send signals into cells.

Essential oils to boost the immune system can work in a variety of ways.

Binding to receptors means that essential oils can send messages into cells where essential oils may act as neurotransmitters. 

According to researchers, this is one of the chief ways aromatherapy has a direct effect on the immune system. For instance, essential oils stimulate the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is where hormones are produced and are one of the most important parts of the limbic system. These chemicals control important bodily functions which help keep your immune system healthy such as: 

  • Sleep patterns 
  • Body temperature 
  • Food consumption 
  • How much water is held in your body 


lady sleeping

3. Essential oils can support parts of the immune system

For anyone wondering about essential oils to boost the immune system, Essential oils can promote the secretion of cytokines that support parts of the immune system like T-cells and macrophages. 

Cytokines are described by experts as the mediators of the immune system. 

They are small proteins that are produced in response to microbes invading your body. They act as an immune response regulator. So in easy terms, they govern immune responses such as inflammatory reactions and also how your body reacts to wound healing. 

Cytokines are also responsible for building new blood cells and how, for example, cancer cells migrate which promotes further growth.  If they were not present, it could lead to immune diseases such as asthma and arthritis. 

In a study undertaken in January 2019, titled “Essential oils and its bioactive compounds modulating cytokines” on how essential oils may help with asthma, it was concluded that essential oils’ main benefit was the regulation of cytokines.  

4. Essential oils protect DNA from damage

Essential oils protect DNA from damage. In one scientific study, Thymol was found to be the most protective compound against oxidative DNA damage. 

Thyme is one of the best essential oils to boost the immune system. Thymol is one of the main components of Thyme essential oil and along with eugenol are important antioxidants which protect DNA. 

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5. Essential oils may play a role in the activity of white blood cells

Essential oils increase lymphocytes, present in white blood cells. When we are looking at how essentials boost the immune system, it’s important to understand these important cells.

White blood cells are the superman of the immune system! As they seek out invaders such as viruses, parasites, bacteria, and fungi.

In a recent scientific study, aromatherapy massage of almond oil, lavender, cypress oil, and sweet marjoram oil resulted in an increase of white blood cells. 

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These anti-inflammatory oils can play a significant role in protecting your immune system. 

6. Essential oils help to reduce the stress hormone cortisol

Essential oils help to reduce the stress hormone cortisol, so when we are looking at essential oils to boost the immune system, its worth understanding that excessive cortisol production can cause: 

  • Immune suppression
  • Sleep disturbances 
  • A metabolic  imbalance.

Essential oils help to calm both the body and mind which in turn reduces cortisol levels. 

In a clinical trial, lavender, vetiver, and cedarwood balms were shown to reduce cortisol levels. 

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lavender oil for immunity
lavender oil for immunity

7. Essential oils are natural antimicrobials against bacteria, fungi, and viruses

Essential oils are natural antimicrobials that help to fight bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

This is achieved through essential oils’ antimicrobial properties. Some essential oils are more effective than others. 

According to experts, it has been reported that use of essential oils extracted from citrus fruits, such as orange, and lemon, along with osemary and lavender are effective antimicrobials. 

This is why they are used as a natural preservative in both cosmetics and food. 

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Lavender oil – antimicrobial 

Lavender essential oil, for example, is one of the best essential oils to boost the immune system through its antimicrobial properties. 

Lavender essential oil is also effective against the common cold, influenza, streptococcus infections, and herpes simplex.

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  • Power boosting diffuser blends
  • Rubs and balms 
  • Roller ball recipes 

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Eucalyptus oil – antimicrobial 

One of the commonest essential oils we use in many over-the-counter cold and flu remedies is eucalyptus.

Eucalyptol is one of the main active compounds In eucalyptus oil and many medical researchers have discovered it’s antimicrobial effects in both relieving flu and cold symptoms. 

Those symptoms can include reducing congestion, inflammation, and easing muscle tension. 

8. Essential oils combat cellular inflammation

When we are finding out how essential oils boost the immune system, it’s worth understanding about Inflammation. Inflammation is a response by your body to protect against infection. 

Inflammation in your body can be combated by essential oils by blocking the release of proinflammatory cytokines.  

These molecules are secreted from immune cells and cause inflammation. 

Common essential oils to boost the immune system are rosewood, frankincense, and myrrh.

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According to medical studies, the antioxidant activity of Essential oils work to build the immune system by preventing lipid peroxidation and scavenging free radicals. 

Free radicals are unstable molecules that can build up in cells and cause damage to other molecules, causing disease. 

healthy lady

9. Essential oils support the thymus gland where T-cells mature

The thymus gland is responsible for producing T-cells which are essential for clearing infections and fighting diseases. 

It is essential to take care of the thymus gland as it may shrink.

Essential oils assist with this by helping with cell regeneration and also stimulating the thymus gland.

Essential oils support the thymus gland where T-cells mature. 

10. Essential oils can boost glutathione production which supports immunity

Essential oils can boost glutathione production which supports immunity. So if we are

Glutathione is one of the body’s most important antioxidants. 

These power-packed compounds help to reduce oxidative stress by combating free radicals in the body.

Glutathione is essential for immune health and essential oils can help increase glutathione levels.

Essential oils achieve this by stimulating the enzyme glutathione synthase which aids in glutathione production.

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Ok so now we’ve found out 10 amazing ways essential oils can boost and benefit your immune system, let’s discover how they work. 

How do essential oils work to improve immune systems

The most important way essential oils can help to boost your immune system is by entering into the cells of your body.  

Essential oils then go on to enhance the function of cell membranes which allows them to receive information from the immune system to protect the body from outside trauma.

Most would-be aromatherapists are familiar with how essential oils can help the immune system by reducing symptoms such as fever and chills. 

Many essential oils such as eucalyptus, lemon orange and peppermint are used in many over the counter cold remedies. 

So it’s easy to understand that essential oils can ease symptoms to allow the body to naturally heal itself.

However, I bet you’d be surprised to know the wealth of ways they benefit a sluggish immune system. 

Read on to find out more. 

lemon oils for immunity

Essential oils increase phagocytosis 

Using essential oils can increase phagocytosis by white blood cells to fight off invaders. 

Phagocytosis is a process where large particles are engulfed by a cell so they can be destroyed and eliminated from the body.

In simple terms, essential oils send signals through transporters which prompt damaged cells to repair.

Essential oil transporters 

Cells also get the added benefit of receiving essential oils through essential oil transporters that help oils get into the cells quickly and efficiently.

Essential oils are transmitted into the cells where they act as a messenger, warning the cells of impending danger or damage.

Chemical messages 

They then send essential oils-specific information so the oils know what type of help is needed. They respond by sending chemical messages with essential oil-specific instructions on how they need to be repaired. This helps the cells to continue functioning in areas where the oils are present.

This happens even if there is significant damage to the cells.These chemical messages also tell essential oils what the body is lacking so they can provide assistance. Essential oils act like this for all cells in the body, including lymphocytes and other essential immune systems.

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Essential oils are lipophilic 

Another way essential oils target the immune system is the fact they are lipophilic, meaning they are drawn to fat. 

Essential oils can draw essential nutrients into the cells and help to enhance the body’s ability to produce essential nutrients by itself. 

The blood-brain barrier 

According to scientific studies, essential oils can also assist with crossing the blood-brain barrier. This means they can pass essential nutrients to the brain and help essential cells function better.

Essential oils provide a nutrient delivery system 

The essential oils provide an efficient delivery system for essential nutrients.

As essential oils are directed around the body by essential receptors they can deliver essential acids directly to where they’re needed.

In this way, essential oils work symbiotically with the immune system to boost health and kickstart immunity. 

And finally…

So not only can your favourite essential oils help to fight off microbes, pathogens and other body invaders, they can also stimulate the immune system too. 

So next time your immune system takes a hit, opt for some aromatherapy wellness to your immune-boosting routine! 

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