Can You Sleep With A Diffuser On? Read This First…

We all know the benefits of gently dispersing essential oils around us. In our homes or perhaps in our spa areas. One of the questions I am most asked is “can you sleep with the diffuser on?”

So in this helpful guide, I will answer this once and for all! 

We will explore sleeping with types of diffusers such as ultrasonic and ceramic oil burners. We will also investigate whether it’s ok to leave reed diffusers, pillow sprays, and lava bead diffusers on while you sleep. 

So before we get into the details, let’s find out the short answer first. Then you can start to enjoy the relaxing and rejuvenating properties of essential oils in your boudoir! 

Generally, you can sleep with a diffuser on. Treat your diffuser as you would any other device you leave plugged in all night. Diffusers with timers are best so you can set them to run while you sleep. Lava beads and reed diffusers are also good. Never sleep when diffusing with a naked flame. 

Ok so now we’ve got the definitive answer to help you more easily understand if you can sleep with a diffuser on! 

Before we start, never ever leave a ceramic burner with naked flames unattended for any length of time. This of course includes when you are sleeping or even if you are taking a nap. 

Fires can very quickly start so be careful and leave the gentle glow of a ceramic burner for times when you can enjoy it, such as in your bathroom. 

So let’s delve a little deeper now and find out the best ways to sleep with a diffuser on.

diffusing at night

Best ways to sleep with a diffuser on? 

Essential oils such as lavender and chamomile are well known for their sedative effects. If you want to sleep with a diffuser on, it’s worth knowing some tips so you can make sure you are getting the full benefits. 

  • Use enough essential oils: Many of us aren’t quite sure exactly how much oil to use in a diffuser. If you want to use a diffuser to help you settle down to sleep or for a restorative nap, then using enough oil is important. As a general guide, you will need around 3 – 5 drops of essential oils per 100mL of water. So if you have a larger type diffuser, then make sure you scale up accordingly. So if your diffuser is a 500mL for instance, then times the above by 5. So at least 25 drops of oil. This way, you will get the full benefits of the oils while you sleep. It will also help you to keep sleeping soundly. 
  • Use an ultrasonic diffuser with a timer: To help you fall asleep and stay asleep with a diffuser on, it can work well to have a diffuser with a timer. Timers can be up to 6 hours in duration. So if you anticipate a restless night or often have trouble staying asleep, having your diffuser on can help you relax. Diffusers with timers can help you enjoy the aroma and sedative effects of chamomile and lavender in your diffuser while you sleep. This gives you the peace of mind it will safely shut itself off after the length of time you’ve set it for. 

While we thinking about diffusers, pop along to my other helpful article Immune Boosting Diffuser Recipes, to find lots of decongestant blends for comfort if you are suffering from a cold or flu, and my favorite ‘mountain blend’ with the balsamic and fresh smelling cedarwood.

  • Use sufficient water: One of the best ways to keep your diffuser on all night is by making sure you have filled the water to capacity. Obviously do make sure you don’t overfill ( follow the instructions on your diffuser as they are all different). If you are using one with a timer, they generally have larger water tanks or reservoirs. So check that the water is sufficient so you can enjoy the benefits of essential oils during the night and while you sleep. 
  • Use your diffuser near where you sleep: It goes without saying go make sure your diffuser is fairly close to your bed if you want to leave it on while you sleep. This slightly goes against my usual advice of placing diffusers centrally in a room for maximum benefit. So if you want to leave your diffuser on when you are asleep, put it on a bedside table or if you don’t have one, an upturned box or even a fold-up table would be perfect. That way you will get all the benefits of leaving your diffuser on while sleeping. 
  • Make sure reeds are turned: Reed diffusers are probably one of the safest ways to enjoy calming and soothing sleepy-time essential oils! They can be put very close to your bed ( making sure they can’t get knocked over). To get the full benefit, turn the reeds before you sleep so they can diffuse to the maximum while you are asleep. Using beautiful blends with some of my favorite oils, such as Lavender, Geranium, Orange and Lemon
  • Safety: Many people also ask me if it’s safe to leave a diffuser all night. As mentioned before please don’t ever leave a ceramic burner next to your bed while you sleep. A naked flame even from a small tea light could cause a fire while you sleep. Diffusers that use electricity should be treated in the same way any item you leave plugged in overnight. These days with mobile phones and all manner of devices left plugged in while we sleep, it’s a question of whether you personally feel safe to do this. Reed diffusers are probably the safest way to diffuse essential oils while you sleep. 

Ok, so now can understand that ultrasonic diffusers and Reed diffusers are a good way of using a diffuser while you sleep. So you might be wondering if there are any other ways? 

reed diffuser by bed

Lava beads and bracelets for sleeping 

Lava beads and bracelets are a perfect way of harnessing the power of essential oils. 

For those of you wondering if you can leave diffusers on when you sleep, a bracelet can be worn right next to your skin. 

This way you can carry on with all the benefits of essential oil while you take a nap. 

Lava beads are perfect diffusers for leaving on while you sleep as if you do often wake during the night, the soothing benefits of the oils can help settle you back down.  If you want to find out more as to Why You Need A Lava Bracelet, hop on over to find out more.

sleeping with a diffuser

Pillow spray 

A pillow spray is a perfect way of enjoying the sedative and calming benefits of essential oils. 

A pillow spray will fill your bedroom with calming and restful aromas. A pillow spray is a diffuser that you can leave on all night. 

Pillow sprays to have the best effects should be sprayed around 10 minutes before bedtime. This will allow the oil blend to start working to help you drop off to sleep. 

If you have troubles with waking up while you sleep, you can spray a little more which keeps the diffusing process last all night. 

And finally…

So I hope that answers the question once and for all of you can leave diffusers on all night! 

The beautiful and relaxing benefits of essential oils such as chamomile, lavender, and many other oils are perfect to blend. They can be added to your diffuser and left on at night to aid restful sleep. 

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