Can Essential Oils Firm Breasts? Best Oils for Breast Massage

So we all know about the amazing properties of essential oils, their amazing scents that fill a room along with their potential for making our skin look fresh and glowing. But do they have the potential to firm our skin? And especially an area which many would like the benefit of a supple lift, our breasts? 

In this article, we are going to take a look at whether many of the essential oils you know and love and others you may not be quite so familiar with, have the power to firm up the breast area. 

Let’s start with a brief answer before we delve into the details. 

Can essential oils firm breasts? It’s not clinically proven if essential oils can firm breasts, but many according to their experiment and experiences believe essential oils like olive, almond, soya bean, fenugreek, clove, and primrose oil can improve the appearance of breasts depending on skin type and other skin conditions.

Right from all kinds of different breast surgeries and to other plastic surgeries and fillings, it’s been a long unanswered question if breasts can firm, harden or strengthen through natural ways. 

Although the answer to this much-asked question is still on the fence, in this article I will answer all your questions on this topic! 

So let’s start with the real evidence stuff and find out if experiments in this area have found any significant proof that essential oils are able to firm the breasts. 

breast oil

Is there any scientific evidence that essential oils can firm Breasts? 

Although many experiments have been carried out to discover if certain essential oils may firm, tighten, or even enlarge breasts,  there is no clinical evidence or tests to prove this. 

Unfortunately, it still seems that only invasive surgery with the side effects and other nasties involved in unnecessary surgical operations will create a long-lasting firmness of breasts. 

However essential oils have shown a marked improvement in the suppleness, texture, and appearance of their breasts according to experts 

But before reading, always keep in mind that not all these types of oils may not be a perfect match for your body type or any skin conditions you may have. 

As currently there is no clinical evidence to support that essential oils work as well on everyone some people might not have such great results as others, for example.

Follow the advice of dermatologists such as Rachel Nazarian and if you are thinking of using an aromatherapy oil to improve your skin’s texture, and check-in with your dermatologist. 

“Although many experiments have been carried out to discover if certain essential oils may firm, tighten, or even enlarge breasts,  there is no clinical evidence or tests to prove this.”

So let’s find out which oils will have the most improvement on the overall look and feel of your breasts starting with one of the most popular carrier oils, almond oil. 

Almond oil

Almond oil is long seen as one of the best natural recommendations to firm up breasts. Almond oil is full of wonderful elements such as antioxidants and other fatty acids. 

What these elements do is they nourish the breast skin by keeping it supple and firm. Another bonus of this rich, moisturizing oil is that it assists with healthy blood circulation within the breast region, which also supports the tightening of the breast.

Olive Oil 

Olive oil has a rich history of supporting skin by hydrating and historically is the go-to oil for a youthful bloom to the skin, which reduces the effects of aging. 

Since ancient times, Greeks consider olive oil as the greatest gift of God and was used as a medicine for treating various different healing and beauty issues.

According to ….Olive oil is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, and essential skin repair vitamins such as Vitamin E and K, which helps in healing saggy breasts. 

Olive oil contains polyphenols which are very beneficial for your skin by reducing inflammation, protects from sun damage, and prevents premature aging signs such as sagginess, spots, wrinkles, and acne. 

Alongside a wealth of benefits, olive oils also work wonders in improving the texture, tone, and thickness of the skin in the breast area, helping to tighten this delicate area. It’s one of my very favorite olive oils! And is a perfect base oil for so many different applications. 

olive oil

Oil from soybean seeds

Although this essential oil is not as well known, rich oil is extracted from soya beans and is another essential oil that can tighten breasts. 

Many health professionals have said that using soya bean oil helps by producing estrogen in the chest region. 

The production of estrogen promotes the tightening of the breasts and adds to their fullness. Apart from tightening, many other experts on this particular oil also say that it shows good results and helps in enlarging or increasing the size of the breast. 

Although soybean oil is safe for skin, along with a wealth of other essential oils, head over and find out what a fragrance oil is and why it shouldn’t be applied to the skin.

Fenugreek oil

Fenugreek oil has similar properties to almond oil in tightening breasts. The way fenugreek oil works is by tightening the skin around the breast. 

Fenugreek oil enlarges the skin on the breast and alongside tightening and firms up the breast. It’s recommended to mix two spoons of fenugreek oil to a spoon of ginger oil and then mix and apply for the best results.

Clove oil

For clove oil, many health and skin experts show a positive sign in helping tighten up breasts. 

Clove oil mainly has elements that boost blood circulation. This blood circulation helps and supports the skin of the breast area to firm, and tighten. 

Apart from this, clove oil also has some amazing anti-inflammatory properties. This property in clove oils works well in healing any tenderness or soreness felt in the breasts, especially in pregnancy. 

However, do take every precaution and check with a certified aromatherapist before using any essential oils while pregnant. 

Clove is also amazing to help support the immune system, so do pop by my other helpful article to discover lots of fabulous immune boosting diffuser blends and discover my favorite oils or the immune system

Lavender oil 

According to top natural beauty specialists, Decleor, Lavender Essential Oil improves blood circulation and helps to promote supple and youthful skin. 

Lavender oil is full to the brim with anti-inflammatories so this super amazing essential oil can help improve tone, evenness and restore the natural luminosity to the skin on and around your breast. 


If you have some lavender and wondering if or when it goes off, along with how to mix it in gorgeous blends with Ylang Ylang and Tea Tree, pop by and find out more!

Primrose oil

Primrose oil is well known for its skin rejuvenating properties. This property helps in keeping the skin healthy and supple. Apart from this, like many other essential oils, primrose oil helps in boosting blood circulation. 

According to experts in healthcare, primrose oil is also recommended as a treatment for breast pain. Taking 1-2gms of Evening Primrose oil each day for a period of 6 weeks is required before evaluating the benefits. 

Many medical experts extol the virtue of breast massage and demonstrate that it’s an essential tool to have in your holistic arsenal. This is because it:

  • supports and heals breast tissue
  • prevents toxic build-up 
  • helps to clear toxins from the breasts.

This well-loved oil is perfect as an antidote to loose or saggy breast skin. 

Although evening primrose oil is suitable for most types of skin, it’s recommended that if your skin is known to be particularly sensitive, it should not be applied directly to the skin, but to mix it with olive or almond oil. 

So now we’ve looked at some of our favorite essential oils to see how they can support the suppleness and texture of your breasts, let’s take a look at how to use these nourishing oils in a breast massage. 


How to massage your breasts with essential oils

All essential oils are very concentrated and so they will penetrate skin-deep to nourish and heal skin tissues. 

However, consistency is the key to results when using these oils expecting good results. Below are some tips to do the perfect massage using the essential oil that you prefer or suits your skin type: 

  • Rub the palms together before applying your chosen oil as this will help to warm it making it easier to apply
  • Breasts are very delicate, so massage them gently.
  • Massage in a circular and upward motion. Doing this will help to boost the blood circulation in the breast. 
  • Massage before having a bath in the morning or before going to bed at night.
  • Massage only for 15 minutes – don’t overdo them 
  • Massage regularly – at least 2-3 times in a week. 
  • Keep your massage regime up for at least six weeks before evaluating the results 

So now we’ve looked at how essential oils can help support breast care including the promotion of soft supple skin and also improving the texture of your breasts, you might be wondering if there are any other natural homeopathic or home remedies to keep your breasts firm and youthful-looking. 

Read on to find out! 

What natural ways to improve breast firmness? 

Here are five natural home remedies to help you keep supple, toned, and firm breasts. 

  • Exercise As breasts are mainly made up of fat along with glands and connective tissue, some easy ways to increase breast firmness is by rowing, swimming breaststroke or lifting light weights, to help support the chest muscles.
  • Up your protein intake, it’s important to eat enough protein to promote muscle tightening. 
  • Egg yolk and cucumber Apply a mixture of egg yolk and cucumber juice on and around your breasts for 30 minutes before washing it off 
  • Ice Cold temperatures naturally tighten up the skin and slow down cellular movement. Take two cubes of ice and massage it in a circle around your breast for at least a minute. This will help tighten and tone the skin of your breasts.

And finally…

So there you have it! The definitive answer as to whether essential oils can help to support firmer breasts! 

As with any kind of homeopathic remedies make sure you consult an accredited professional or dermatologist before embarking on any program of essential oil use. 

This content has been checked and verified by a medical professional or aromatherapist The article has been reviewed by our editorial board and has been approved for publication in accordance with our editorial policy.

Remember not everyone will have the same kind of skin, so results may differ and if you have extremely sensitive skin, take extra precautions and find out whether your chosen oil is suitable for your type of skin.  For more skincare, check out how lentils can help keep your skin beautifully exfoliated, and find out more as to why geranium oil is one of my favorite oils for soft and supple skin.

This content has been checked and verified by a medical professional or aromatherapist The article has been reviewed by our editorial board and has been approved for publication in accordance with our editorial policy.

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