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Fran Nash

So… after many years of a love of the outdoors, alternative therapies, and spending much of my life as a music teacher working for The Yamaha foundation, my fondness for all things organic and natural healing began! 

The methods during my teaching years were based on eastern philosophies and this I’m sure had a huge bearing on how I looked at the world. 

As a mum of three and now with my first Granddaughter, I’ve always used complementary medicines wherever possible and tried to steer clear of too many artificial additives and other nasties! 


I was often found mixing up eucalyptus oil blends in a ceramic burner ( before the days of electronic diffusers!) to help my little ones with stuffy noses, mixing bath blends, and generally experimenting with oils.

…This is what prompted me to become a qualified aromatherapist. 

about us

I love working with the beautifully scented oils and love to discover new ways of using them for home fragrance, laundry, cleaning, massage, in my garden, complimentary healing, and of course in a relaxing bath!

Helping others to explore the benefits of aromatherapy 

My favorite thing? Is helping others to discover their benefits. 

Here at Willowyard I take wellness very seriously and have a growing number of advisers who contribute to our articles, add their expert advice during the editing process and stamp their seal of approval on all things aromatherapy! 

Dr. Omm E Farwa

willowyard staff

Having worked as a clinical, industrial, and hospital pharmacist, Dr. Omm E Farwa has vast experience of direct and indirect patient care

Her medical research articles have been peer-reviewed and published in the International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research (IJSER).

She has a deep understanding of complementary and alternative medicines, essential oils, and aromatherapy 

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