Can You Mix Lavender And Eucalyptus?

These power-packed essential oils bring such a wealth of properties to diffuser blends, balms, lotions, and pillow sprays!  it’s not surprising that many of us are asking ‘can you mix

Lavender Oil Blends Well With…

Lavender oil has a delicate fresh floral and botanic aroma and blends beautifully with a wealth of other oils. It has so many wonderful properties and is one of the master

Can You Mix Lavender and Tea Tree Oil? The Answer…

Mixing essential oils is a little like alchemy! With each essential oil bringing its own therapeutic properties and aroma, you can create some beautiful restorative blends with the power of

Can You Mix Ylang-Ylang And Lavender? The Answer.

Mixing essential oils is often a little like a magic spell! I’m often asked if you can mix ylang-ylang and lavender. Lavender and ylang-ylang are beautiful on their own in

Does Lavender Oil Go Off? Why, When, and How to Tell, a Guide

Lavender oil is a very popular essential oil. So the question does lavender oil go off often naturally arises – usually, when you come to use that bottle you may

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